Visiting journalist from Germany!

On Saturday 26/11-22 we had a visit at Autoseum from journalist/author Nicola Förg from Bavaria in southern Germany. As an author Nicola writes youth novels in a horse environment as well as detective stories for an adult audience. As a journalist she writes for the motor magazine Lenkrad (=steering wheel), which has now sent her on a mission to visit and write about Autoseum. Lenkrad has some 670,000 readers and it is of course excellent that Autoseum is featured in a positive article there.
Of course we hope for even more German visitors.

Nicola Förg from Bavaria in southern Germany.

New vehicle

Mercedes Benz 500k Heritage.

New acquisition, scooter with sidecar and trailer.

Heinkel Tourist 103 A1, model year 1959.

An MGB for the museum

MGB, model year 1966.

New acquisitions

2021 begins with a Packard Coupé 443

Packard Coupé, year model 1928. 6.3 l, 109 hp. Can be seen at the museum when we open in March.

Latest car arrived

Volvo Amazon 1970.

MGA 1600 Coupe

This can now be seen in the collections, with many accessories.

MGA 1600 Coupé.

TVR & Studebaker to the museum

A TVR 2500 M, year model 1972 and Studebaker Starlight Coupé, year model 1949.

TVR 2500 M.
Studebaker Starlight Coupé.