Welcome to Autoseum – one of Europe’s finest motor museums!

Autoseum opens again!

Regular opening hours are valid from 1 May.

We urge all visitors to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority,
(among other things: keep distance from others both indoors and outdoors)

A new exhibition hall and more

During the winter of 2019/2020, Autoseum’s Friends have traditionally done a great and very deserving job of renewing Autoseum’s exhibitions.
This winter, the focus has been, in a room that has not been used before, to build a brand new exhibition focusing on our oldest vehicles. Here we will tell you more about our exciting collaboration with the Technical Museum in Stockholm. This unique collaboration has resulted in us showing off the rarities that participated in the fantastic London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.
We participated in 2019 and then for the third time and planning for 2020 is in full swing.
In 2019, three vehicles from Sweden participated, all from Autoseum and the goal is that by 2020 we will have five participating vehicles.
This new exhibition has changed the entire layout of the Autoseum.
In terms of vehicles, there has been a major renewal of which the most interesting is perhaps an Auburn from 1935.
The real goodies that arrived in 2019 such as the McLaren M8, Rolls Royce with provenance linked to, among others, ABBA, NASCAR cars, Indy Car, Koenigsegg’s first prototype and Stefan “Lill-Lövis” Johansson exhibition which this year supplemented with something really extra.

All this and much, much more to that, are on the Autoseum waiting for you.

Warm welcome! NOTE! Dogs are also welcome at the Autoseum.

Nisse Nilsson


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At Autoseum you will also find exhibitions about toys, model flights, music, cars and more.

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Friends of Autoseum



Non-profit association the Friends of Autoseum was set up in spring 2008 by a group of car and motorbike enthusiasts who have been volunteering for a number of years at the AUTOSEUM motor museum in Simrishamn.

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