2021 begins with a Packard Coupé 443

Packard Coupé, year model 1928. 6.3 l, 109 hp. Can be seen at the museum when we open in March.

MGA 1600 Coupe

This can now be seen in the collections, with many accessories.

MGA 1600 Coupé.

TVR & Studebaker to the museum

A TVR 2500 M, year model 1972 and Studebaker Starlight Coupé, year model 1949.

TVR 2500 M.
Studebaker Starlight Coupé.

Today a great day at the Autoseum

Stefan Johansson’s McLaren MP4 / 3 F1 car from 1987 has now arrived. He took 5 pallet seats with the car and became 6th overall in the World Cup.
You will be able to see the engine initially before it will be mounted. It produced over 1000 hp in the qualifier.

Closed for the season

We want to thank all visitors for a fantastic year. Now it is closed for the season but of course the business does not stop for it. The “Gubbdagiset”, ie the Friends of Autoseum, continues to renew the museum with non-profit forces. This with Nisse Nilsson’s ideas and suggestions on how it can be renewed!

Koenigsegg Showroom

New separate exhibition from one of the world’s most exclusive car manufacturers. Koenigsegg Showroom with its first prototype!

An extensive renewal

My vision with Autoseum is not just that everything should be of the highest quality and that there should be interesting things for all visitors. I would also like to see a constant renewal so that it becomes a matter of course for you to return year after year. Therefore, every year, Autoseum undergoes a rebuilding and upgrading every year between November and February.
An additional 400 sqm was added in 2018 and now houses a brand new Show Room – Nils-Oscar Palace in the best Las Vegas style. This year, too, there has been extensive renewal. Many vehicles have been added and two separate exhibitions have been designed and completed.

If you have visited Autoseum before, you will recognize yourself in many respects. The entrance is in the same place and Alfs Leksaker is still in place. It also does the previous exhibitions with Frasses and Mariannes Musikmuseum, the Model Flight Exhibition and Stefan “Lill-Lövis” Johansson. And in the cafe you will find Inger Jurgård just as before with their lovely homemade delights.

But in the exhibition halls it is ruined on many exciting new vehicles and a completely new layout that will make you see and experience the rarities in a much better way than before. Welcome to botanize among all the news.

Nisse Nilsson