Autoseum – one of Europe’s finest motor museums!

It is with great sadness that we must announce

On 13 April Autoseum’s owner, Nisse Nilsson, passed away at the age of 86.

The void after Nisse Nilsson is infinitely large.
There will be no changes and the Autoseum will continue to be run by a foundation.



Yvonne´s Café

Opening hours: See under the tab “Welcome, Café”.

P.S. The café is run independently by Yvonne Flensburg and it is perfectly possible to have a coffee in the café without visiting the Autoseum.
If you would like to ask about the menu or make a reservation, please contact Yvonne on +4670 942 45 89 or



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At Autoseum you will also find exhibitions about toys, model flights, music, cars and more.

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Friends of Autoseum



Non-profit association the Friends of Autoseum was set up in spring 2008 by a group of car and motorbike enthusiasts who have been volunteering for a number of years at the AUTOSEUM motor museum in Simrishamn.

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Visiting journalist from Germany!

On Saturday 26/11-22 we had a visit at Autoseum from journalist/author Nicola Förg from Bavaria in southern Germany. As an author Nicola writes youth novels in a horse environment as well as detective stories for an adult audience. As a journalist she writes for the motor magazine Lenkrad (=steering wheel), which has now sent her […]